Day 58 - Landers Trail Camp - June 2

It felt warm at 6 am when we woke up.  I didn't put on any warm layers.  It's going to be a hot one.  Luckily, we're in a shady area right now.  One fast guy passed while we were finishing packing up.  Two more passed us further up the trail.  They must be moving together.  Probably some of those mythical 30 mile a day folks.  They've​ got calves like cantaloupes and they stand straight up while they hike, their packs shaved down to less than the essentials.  Their first aid kits are probably three bandaids, a moleskin and ibuprofen.  They don't have time to say more than "hello", or "what a lovely section" to us as they speed by.  I'm sure they are great guys, but I'll never meet them.  It really is a lovely section.  Grasses blowing in the breeze under pine and oak forest, soft tread underneath.  The trail alternates between flat and very steep, someone forgot to put in the switchbacks.

At Robin Spring, hikers are laid out everywhere taking a siesta.  We laid near No Time, who is 70 years old and outpacing me.  We also met Simba.
I discovered a tick bite with a circle around it.  Great.  I never saw the tick.  Ropeburn was there playing a small guitar.  We hiked on in the afternoon after napping to the trail camp.

Manny and another fast guy were at the trail camp, talking about miles and mansplaining to me about how to hike.  They just don't get that my legs do not move as fast as theirs.  Heck, when you think about it, I've been on the trailore time than them.  Maybe I should tell them a thing or two.

I accidentally dripped some water on my camera, and now the on/off button isn't working right.

We found a camping spot at Landers Trail Camp that wasn't close to other tents.  I set up the tent while Ian grabbed water.  We cooked dinner and went to sleep.


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