Day 54 - Movie Time - May 29

On the second zero day in Tehachapi, I spent the morning going through my food and repackaging it, portioning it out into my resupply boxes while watching Netflix.  Roadblock and Brain Turtle texted me when they got to town.  We had and to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie.  Ian had already seen it, but he wanted to see it again.  We had dinner together at Taco Samich and then watched the movie at the Hitching Post Theater.

Roadblock eats.
So happy to be together!
We were there early, and they had posters up everywhere about their mini donuts.  They're staring at me.  Damn, I really wanted them, but they were $4.50 for six.  Not worth it.  I finally gave in and bought some during the trailers.  I just had to do it.  They were ok.  Probably not worth it.  The movie was worth it, though.  It might be better than the first one.  Then we went our separate ways to get some sleep.
The sign for the Ranch Motel.  It's misspelled, but they got a deal on it, so they kept it. 


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