Day 44 - Struggling Cat Pose - May 19

We woke up alive!!!

As we broke camp, Roadblock found fresh cougar scat just 50 feet down the trail.  Brain Turtle found a recording of a cougar call and we realized it actually was a cougar down in the valley.  We left a note warning those behind.

We met Mike, a south bound  section hiker, he says there 25 hikers ahead that he's seen just this morning.  I guess we're in a bubble.  We also were passed by so many hikers today.
During a break, I did a stretch reching my hands up and clawing the sky.  Roadblock dubbed it Struggling Cat Pose.

We stopped at another Ranger Station for lunch.  The Bridge People were there, and we met Flatfoot.  He's done the AT and just came out of town.  He had an avocado, but no knife to cut it.  I let him borrow mine for a fee; a piece of avocado.  So good!

I called my mom for her birthday, talking to her briefly.  The trail went uphill a little, but mostly some steep down with sandy footing, my knee started to hurt doing all that downhill.  Not too bad, just a little pain.

It was only a short roadwalk to the KOA, but there was a lot of trash.  I picked up one road reflector from the side and threw it away when we got there.  We got some snacks at the cafe and set up our tents on the field.  Me and Roadblock went back to the cafe later and found two ice cream pints sitting out.  They were already melty, so we brought them to the lady at the front.  She said we could have them.  Too bad they weren't the Non Dairy Ben and Jerry's flavor!  Roadblock shared with Flatfoot.  We did laundry and took showers.  Flatfoot found a mostly new pair of boots, same size and type as the ones he was wearing.  Lucky!

Turbo, a silly kids movie about a snail that races in the Indianapolis 500, was playing that night.  We laid down our ground cloths and sleeping pads on the grass and watched, like kids at a slumber party.

Boy scouts rolled in during the movie, taking up most of the field.  Many of the kids on our end were goofing off and not setting up their tent.  The adults came over to prod them into action.  They were loud until around ten or so, way past hiker midnight (nine).  I was the only one that cowboy camped.  Silly Boy Scouts, this is the desert, you don't even need a tent.


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