Day 49 - The Day of the Best Nap Ever - May 24

This morning we woke up at 4 am, yet again and started hiking.  We were dog tired.  It was actually a nice cool day, so our schedule did not really align with the weather.  The trail passed through an area of pine trees, but we knew it would end today and we'd be back in the hot desert sun.  We were sluggish and taking breaks often.  During one break, Brain Turtle laughed big, and I don't remember why.  I'm sure it was just as ridiculous as the little pony moment yesterday.  She's losing it!  We all are.  We need more sleep.  This night hiking is making us lose our minds, but at least we're together and in good spirits.

There was some nasty guzzler water that we had to use.  Brain Turtle and Roadblock have a big filter they use for gross water, and they let me borrow it.  I also did my chemical treatment on it.  If they weren't there, I would have filtered through my bandana.  I saw Giver coming out of camp and starting his hike.  The German sisters pass us.  When we stopped for breakfast, I just na
dozed instead.  I had been eating bars  and I was more  tired than hungry.  Flatfoot passes by and says him and the Germans are taking siesta at the mile 500 marker.  We're not doing much better than 1 mph including all the breaks.  We need more sleep.

At ten am, we passed this shady, cool, windy patch of pine forest.  We weren't sure if we'd find another shady spot and you couldn't beat this one, so we stopped early for siesta.  We needed it.  I fell asleep so fast after setting up my pad and sleeping bag, I was snoring before Brain Turtle and Roadblock laid down.

Brain Turtle on a steep slope. 
The location of the best nap I've ever had.
I awoke 6 hours feeling so much better.  We had decided to go back to a normal schedule by sleeping in the next morning.  We passed three different mile 500 markers.  The official one was actually around mile 502.  The trail keeps getting longer, so permanent markers are usually incorrect.

The second 500 mile marker

We had dinner at a guzzler with a roof.  The water was much clearer.  I had enough signal to pull up YouTube and watch Daniel's video about his first day of riding, with a few lags.

We hiked into the night, stopping at a dirt road for star gazing and foot resting.  I took a few long exposure pictures.  We camped at Horse Trail Camp.
Miles hiked today:  15.8
My fly kill count today is 14.
I'm​ so excited about sleeping in tomorrow!


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