Day 56 - Black Clouds - May 31

This morning, I woke up thinking about some conversations I've had in the last few days that were partly negative.  So, I started hiking with a bad mood and the sky had the clouds to match it.  Sometimes I feel like my brain gets stuck in a loop, or perhaps a nosedive.  Sometimes it helps me sort something out, but sometimes the negative thoughts just feed on each other and grow stronger.  The terrain went uphill for about three miles and the wind was whipping over the hill, pushing us back towards the valley below.  I stopped after one mile and we had breakfast.  It felt like we should have gone further.  I was still thinking about the conversations, and getting angry, so when we started hiking again I soon left Ian behind.  We stopped again past the top of the hill.  At some point, I decided I needed my music to distract me out of this spiral.  My mood improved.

Windmills everywhere!
There were a good amount of people passing us.  Ian wasn't slowing me down.  I was just slow myself.  My shoulders were hurting from carrying so much weight, so I needed frequent breaks.  At our lunch break, we laid out the ground cloth and took a nap.  I woke up to Ian saying "There's water coming from the sky."  Jeez.  Rain in the desert.  Ian must have brought it from North Carolina.  We hike to the spring in a very light rain.  Lots of people we're camped there.  It's 20 more miles to the next water, so unless you're doing 30 mile days or you like carrying 20 lbs of water, you're camping there.  As soon as we set up our tent, the rain stopped.

The Butthole Circus was in town, a fun group who've been hiking together since Campo.  They did some rock juggling after dinner.  Good entertainment.  I met Dos Tacos, UB, Drum Solo and a couple others with apparently less memorable names.  Steele and Special K were down at the water.  Special K was happy to see me and licked my fingers like dogs do.  Another group showed up.  There were probably 20 people camped near the spring.

The Butthole Circus
A pretty good camping spot


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