Day 42 - Laugh for No Reason - May 17

This morning I woke up to Matt telling me it's time to get up.  We needed to make some miles today.  We got moving around 7, and we did a good pace.  We almost missed the 400 mile mark because Matt was putting the hammer down.

We had lunch in a flat spot under a Coulter pine.  We debated the pronunciation of bagel, again.  It never ceases to be funny the way Brain Turtle pronounces it.  Baa-gull, like a Canadian sheep.  We napped after eating.  I was laying there trying to sleep, but I was thinking about what food I wanted to buy in Agua Dulce.  I thought about the baby food I saw in Wrightwood that comes in the same pouches as the applesauce.  Silly thru-hiker, baby food is for babies!  Or, is it?  I was trying not to laugh thinking about this, which made me laugh.  I'm a mess, but I'm happy.

It was fairly easy walking most of the day, some up, but mostly downhill.  The pine trees are giving way to chaparral bushes and there's more sunlight and less shade.

We missed a spring in the afternoon, and I was out of water so they shared with me.  Good friends!  We got to the next water and I found a way to stick my water in the stream and step back while it filled itself.  What luxury!  There were two guys from Israel there.  I saw an extra spoon laying there as we left and told the guy not to forget it.  He said, wait, it's not mine and then we realized it was Matt's, but we didn't know how it got there.

Later, at camp, we realized it wasn't Matt's spork.  It was an identical spork someone else had dropped!  We camped not far from the water source.  We did about 16.5 miles today, the longest Matt and Brain Turtle have done.


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