Day 47 - Mid-day Siestas - May 22

The 4 am wake up from Matt and Tanya came way too soon.  We wanted to beat the heat and hike in the cool morning hours.  More night hiking!  It was warm enough even in the morning to hike without any thermal layers, other than my hat.  The Bridge People were leaving around the same time, and one of them had an oh Shit moment and came running back to grab his tent poles.  I left a little before Roadblock and Brain Turtle.  I caught up to one of the Bridge People, Daniel aka Loco.  He got his trail name by doing a 33 mile day into Warner Springs.  We stopped at Bear Springs together, I only needed a little water and I decided to treat it later, so I hiked on while he finished filtering.

After a bit, my shoulders were sore, so I stopped for a pack off break. Brain Turtle and Roadblock caught up to me and stopped for a while.

Snack time!
The trail climbed for three more miles and it was getting hot quick.  The thermometer Brain Turtle picked up in Hiker Heaven read 100 degrees around 10 am, but it was not actually that hot.  The thermometer was in the sun. The forecast was a high of 89.

Roadblock, hiking behind Brain Turtle, realized that her backpack was in the shape of a symbol from Peru.  This is obviously evidence of ancient aliens.  The whole conversation is evidence of the craziness of thru hikers.  The things you come up with while hiking all day.

We hiked until 11, then took a long siesta in a nice shady spot until 5, had dinner and hiked until 10.  At night, you don't see the trail, but you see different creatures out.  We saw a cricket that looked like a cockroach and a small scorpion.

We camped just before the road near the fire station.  I can hear rodents, squirrels or rabbits in the bushes, squeeking, coming to eat my food in the night.  I tied my bear bag tight.  Goodnight, morning comes early in the desert.  The 4 am wakeup alarm is set.

Brain Turtle signing a trail register.



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