Day 53 - Tehachapi Zero Day - May 28

Double zero days!!!  I had to take two zeros because I needed to mail food ahead to a few different towns and the post office was closed on Monday.

The first zero was pretty uneventful.  I slept a lot.  I think Ian left at some point to walk around and check Kmart for stove fuel.  I tried to catch up on blog posts, but then I slept instead.  We had breakfast at the bakery and lunch at the Mexican restaurant.  We took our empty packs with us to the grocery store.  It was 1 mile from the motel.  We were just walking down the street and a lady stopped her SUV and offered to give us a ride.  She has three kids but they weren't in the car.  There seats were, and Ian had to move one to get in.  So nice!  We got fuel at the sporting goods store, groceries and I did my laundry.  We were offered another ride after getting our groceries, but we still needed to do the laundry.

It was dark when we left the laundry, so I figured we would have to walk the whole way back.  We were halfway back when a lady offered us a ride again, she had her preteen son in the back and her car smelled of fast food.

When we got back, we saw two thru-hikers hanging out in front of their room, they offered us a beer.  They were two young guys from Germany.  We sat with them for a little while, watching the traffic go by on the road.  We went back to the room and had some food and went to bed.

There's a big dance at the VFW.
The bakery. 
None of these pretty things are vegan, but the bagels are!


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