Night 79 - Lassen Bear - June 23

You thought I was done for the night, didn't you? So did I.

Around 10:30, Black Swan wakes me up, saying "Hey, Chopper, there's a bear outside!" We could hear it circling the tents, and I heard it make a stop where my Ursack is hung up. An Ursack is a bear bag that has been tested to keep bears out, but a few National Parks on the PCT haven't accepted them yet.

Black Swan made this loud CAW noise which scared the bear and it ran off a little. A few minutes later, we heard it crunching sticks again near us. We decided there was no way we'd get any sleep in that spot, so we started packing up our stuff in our tents. I grabbed my Whippet for protection when I grabbed my URsack, but the bear was gone.

We hiked to the next campsite, where we woke up Tripod just by showing up. We camped there and slept in late, hearing no more bears.


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