Day 86 - Lone Wolf - June 30

My legs were sore this morning.  I gave them a massage and that felt good.  I got going this morning around 7.  There were great views today.  The trail climbed up to a ridge and went in and out of meadows and forests with large trees.  There were so many wild flowers and occasionally a butterfly would flit in front of me, showing the way.

Around 1446, the snow patches started.  They were easy in comparison to the Echo Lakes area.  All but two of them were avoidable.  Even those two didn't have very long falls.  I didn't put on my microspikes, but I made sure to plant my downhill trekking pole well before each step.  The snow patches ended around 1449.

A former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker told me to find a group that makes me laugh, because they'll get me through.  The first part of this journey, I feel I was searching for that group, one that had around the same pace as me and I enjoyed.  That group never really coalesced.  There were some folks that probably could have worked, but for some reason or another we were separated.

I've been hiking alone these last two days, passing people and being passed.  I camped alone last night.  I walked at my own pace.  I've taken breaks when I need it and hurried when I felt like it.  No one has critisized my decisions or my pack.  It's been good.

At lunch, I rested for almost two hours before continuing.  I read some on my phone, "The Name of the Wind".  If you like fantasy or good story telling, it's great.  I'm reading it for the second time and it's just as interesting.  Someone passed by while I read, I had my glasses off so I couldn't tell who.

Soon after lunch I caught up to Outlaw, he said Rambles and Bootsie were back a little way.  I walked briefly with him, but he's fast and soon his stride carried him further away.  I realized I was low on water.  The water had been so abundant lately that I forgot to check at the last source to see how far it was.  Nothing to do but keep hiking.

At the junction for the water, Outlaw was there.  He said the next one was on trail, this one was a little off trail.  Yup, I'm all out so I'm going to this one.  It's down a gravel road, and then you go down a short, steep overgrown hill to the water.  I read while I waited for my chemical water treatment to work.

Rambles and Bootsie were camped just up the road from where I got water.  I thought about staying there with then for the night, but I felt like continueing my lone wolf hiking, it was early yet.

I stopped for dinner on a road at a ridge.  I had signal and texted Mouse.  He seemed depressed so I gave him a call.  I decided to camp there.  I just didn't feel like hiking more after that conversation.  The ground was hard by the road, I used some large sticks to anchor my tent.  Coco passes by at a late hour while I'm reading in my tent.  He looks determined.


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