Day 82 - The Longest 13 Miles - June 26

The blister on my right foot hurts so bad that I can feel when the wind blows on it.  This is the foot I have to walk 13 miles on today over point volcanic rocks.

Really the less said about this day the better.  It's crazy how terrible a walk on a beautiful day can become when every step sends a stab of pain up your leg.  I guess I should be glad there's no snow.  I think I'm going to throw these boots in the hiker box.  If I don't burn them first.

It took me all day to hike those 13 miles.  I was so glad to get to Burney Guest Ranch around dinner time.  They had burritos for dinner, which you made yourselves so I could make it vegan no problem.  I ate two.  I set up my tent in a shady spot.  My packages were not there yet.  I knew I needed to go into Redding tomorrow anyway.  Ian had made me an appointment with a lab there to have blood work done.  This is for a discount on my health insurance.  If the test shows I'm healthy, I get to save $150 a month on my insurance, which is worth the trip.  I also had to fast until the appointment at 2 pm, which I was not happy about.  I need to be feasting when I'm in town.


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