Day 75 - Mellow Mountain Zero - June 19

I woke up thinking about the car rental thing.  I get up early and go to the grocery store, buying food to make a tofu curry tonight.  I'm excited about eating it.  I know I want a zero, I've been hiking in the snow for six days and my body is tired and beat up.  My legs are incredibly sore.  Mouse texts me while I'm there about the car rental.  I say ok, let's do it.  I'm imagining an adventure, you know, drive for a little and stop at something cool.

Then, when I get back to the hostel, Mouse is being very negative.  He's badgering me about renting a car today.  No, I need a zero.  He's complaining about his sunburn.  It must be painful.  I'm rethinking this whole road trip thing.  It sounds less and less like a fun adventure and more like me driving for hours with a hiking partner that can't go out in the sun or drive.  He doesn't have a valid license right now.  Plus, I did a little research.  I think the best way to get a lot of uninterrupted hiking in with minimal snow is to go north in California and hike north, letting the snow melt ahead of me.  The fall snow usually starts later in the Sierra than the Washington Cascades, so if I get those done first, I might have more time to finish the Sierras.

I told Mouse I don't know about the road trip.  It doesn't sound like fun.  He's upset, he says he's already spent too much money and now this is the only way he can get home.  He's barely got enough money for half the rental.  Great.  So, I'm imagining this road trip where we eat and sleep in the car or I pay for everything.  I realize all the rentals he's looking at, that he can afford are returning to the same location.  Great.  So, this plan isn't even going to end with me close to anywhere I can hike.  It ends with me driving a car all the way back to here, probably by myself.  I tell him I'm not doing this road trip for sure.  We didn't talk for a few hours after that.

Cereal's Dad is staying at the hostel.  Cereal is one of the Bridge People, but I haven't really talked to her very much.  He joined her for a while but he's  getting off the trail now and checking out San Francisco for a few days.  At some point, I'm on the computer and 50 Shades walks in, says that his crew is heading north to Chester.  They've got a bus to catch and he's got to go.  Ok, bye!

I made my tofu curry and ate a lot of it.  It was the bomb according to Tommy, a member of the staff I shared some with.  This is a good place to work if you're young and want to hang out in South Lake Tahoe.  It was late by the time I was done so I went to bed.


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