Day 88 - Bookworm - July 2

My legs are so sore.  I'm thinking that the long day should be at the end of a stretch, not the beginning.  I woke up without much water this morning, just a little left in the bottom of a bottle.   It was 6 miles to the next source.  I just got up and made my way there.  It wasn't that bad, it being nice and cool in the morning.  I got a few liters, and kept walking.  I stopped on the side of the trail for a nice long breakfast break.  Plegs, Moonwalker and Tripod all passed me while I was stopped.

I caught up to Tripod at the next water source, a small rushing river.  I was glad to see a bridge across!  The river was far below the trail, hard to climb down.  The next water was uphill, 9 miles away, so I grabbed enough to camp.  I was hoping to get far enough to not camp, but I didn't want to run out.  I took my lunch break partway up the big climb, off to the side.  I nestled in this human sized saddle on the slope uphill of a large pine tree.  I napped and read my book.  It felt like when I was a kid reading in the woods.  I saw a few people pass while I stopped, but they didn't see me.

I kept hiking, passing Tripod's tent.  It was a long hill, but it was shaded.  I took regular breaks going up.  I got to a tentsite around dinner and ate, relaxing there.  A couple of hikers passed by.  I planned on going to the next site, but after looking at how few campsites were ahead, I decided to stay there.  I could have gone further, but I'll still get into town in the morning.


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