Day 68 - South Lake Tahoe - June 12

We all slept in till ten. All the driving was tiring, and I was just a passenger! We drove to the REI in Reno for snow gear. They didn't have any good tights. Mouse brought hiking Yaktrax for the snow. I bought a new hat. It's double layered, warm and snuggly, from OR. We got groceries at Walmart and drove back to South Lake Tahoe to return the car. We went to the post office to mail some things. I had a big long box full of gear and a box of food to mail. It was hard to carry all of it. Chris and Kat needed to do laundry, and while we were there I ate a tempeh burger at Sprouts Cafe. So good to have a restaurant meal that's healthy!

Kat checks out a hat at REI.

At the post office, trying to figure out what to do.

Tempeh burger at Sprouts!!!

We had been planning on going to the trail today, but now it was too late. We found another cheap motel, the Apex Inn, it was closer to the trailhead. Chris tried calling, but there was no answer. So, we booked a room for four on their website and took an Uber there. When we arrived, Chris went into the small office to check in and we stayed outside. He came back out saying they wanted to charge us an extra twenty dollars per person. The online reservation said nothing about this. He wasn't sure if he had misunderstood something because of his English. I went back in with him. He had not misunderstood. This guy was being very unreasonable. We had booked a room for four at that rate. I think he wanted to charge us now because we are hikers. Jerk. He said he knew we would let other people in to take showers. We're the only hikers up here that we know, that's not going to happen. I got mad at him, telling him his website was a lie. It's a trick to get people in the door, then slap a fee on them. Don't stay at Apex Inn. We wasted our money and time getting there only to be turned away.

So, what do we do? Mouse looks at the map and says, let's just walk to the National Forest, hike in from the road a little and camp. So, that's the plan. At least we're getting closer to the trail. As we walk along, we put our thumbs out. If we can get a hitch, that would be great. After a little while, a lady pulls over and picks us up. Her name is Lisa. After talking for a little, she offers us her son's room for the night and she would give us a ride to the trail in the morning. Yes! She was so nice. Our angel, that's for sure. We really needed that. She fed us some snacks and pizza for the others. I was still pretty full from Sprouts Cafe. We were happy to sit on her living room floor, trying to lure her adorable cat closer so we could pet her. Marmalade took a liking to Mouse, he's definitely a cat person.

Kat and Chris took the bedroom, and Mouse and I camped out on the living room floor under soft throws and blankets. Marmalade made a few passes through, rubbing herself on furniture and sleeping hikers, meowing. She calmed down soon and we got to sleep.

Mouse is a cat person and Marmalade knows it.


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