Day 70 - Back to Tahoe - June 14

This morning I slept past my alarm on my watch. It's just not loud enough. I called out to Mouse, "Hey, you still alive?" Mouse is feeling bad, sunburned and so are his eyes. I figure it's probably better for him to sleep in, even though we're going to miss the nice frozen snow hiking. I get up to relieve myself he snow is
Chris and Kat argue in German. Probably over sleeping in, but who knows? They continue on and I tell them I'm going to hike out with Mouse.

Lake Aloha in the morning

This day was such a low point for me.

Mouse is depressed, thinking about his ex and playing angry music. It gets me down, too. He's also being stubborn and criticizing everything I do. I know he's in pain, but I'm getting tired of it. I just want to get him out of there so I just stop talking to him so we don't argue. Fine, you lead. What do you want to do?

We were hiking through normal lunch time, the time kept getting later and I really need to eat. I mention lunch to Mouse and he just keeps hiking. I can't really snack on bars as I go because the trail is too rough, I need my hands on my trekking poles.

Around 2:30, I told Mouse I have to stop and eat. He keeps hiking, not acknowledging me at all. I guess he decided to leave me behind, I'm just too slow and I need to eat. While I was stopped, I saw my friend Lauren's Facebook post about a letter I sent her weeks ago. It cheered me up immensely to see her post.

When I got up, I found that Mouse hadn't left me, he'd just gone up the trail enough to be out of sight. Walking past him, I'm so mad. Then I came back and just sat down there and waited until he was ready to move. Patience is required.

Mouse got on Facebook and found us a trail angel to give us a ride, but we needed to be up the road somewhere very soon. So, he starts running and I'm walking as fast as I can with all that pack weight. We got up the road and she met us, asking if we're ok and we talk to her. She gave us a ride to the Mellow Mountain Hostel. I wanted to stay there so I could perhaps meet up with another group to tackle the snow again. I took a shower, did laundry and made dinner out of the free shelf.

The trail
Well trod snow near Echo Lake

Echo Lake

Mellow Mountain Hostel

Garbanzo Bean Ball Dinner


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