Day 74 - Back to Tahoe 2 - June 18

We wake up early, hiking we see that Lake Aloha is melting a little.  There's sort of a river through the ice now.  I realized we may have walked over the edge of the lake coming in.  You just can't tell where the lake starts when everything is covered in snow.

We hiked back, me going through the same scenery for the fourth time.  During a break, I saw a queen carpenter ant struggling in the snow.  She's probably already had her maiden flight, where she mates with a drone.  After that, she flew off to start another colony.  She's looking for a nice spot, but all she's doing is struggling in the snow.  She tries to fly, but her wings are wet.  Maybe she'll find a good tree well, maybe not.  I'm not going to help her.  I'm not mean, it's just nature.  The high snow years could be part of the way to keep the ant population down in high elevations.

Walking through the woods, we see Horse Cage up on the trail.  We were deliberately hiking downhill from the trail to avoid some suncups.  He says that 50 Shades, Walnut and others of the Bridge People group are ahead.  We didn't see them, but we could have missed them in these snowy woods.


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