Day 67 - Catching up with Old Friends - June 11

We had breakfast in Mohave at the diner across the street. I had oatmeal, since that's about all they had for vegans. It was very unexciting, just oatmeal and sugar since they don't have fruit. We drove to Kennedy Meadows, up a winding paved road. There we caught up with Brandon! His trail name is now Sauce. I saw Willem and he said we just missed Brain Turtle and Roadblock, they had been picked up five minutes ago. I picked up my packages, there were four. What is in all these boxes anyway? I don't remember what all I packed for the snow.

When I first saw this in the diner, I thought his brains were coming out of his hat.  It's just spaghetti.

Landscape around Mohave.

A glimpse of the High Sierras.

Finger Guns, Kathrin and Sauce (Brandon)

Kennedy Meadows General Store

This was in the boxes:

Hiking crampons
Sit pad for sitting on snow
High snow gaiters
Polarized prescription sunglasses
Creek crossing shoes

I sent these things home from the boxes:
Sleeping bag liner (If it's cold, I just wear all my clothes.)

My rain pants were missing. The thing they might be useful for is glissading down hills, but I don't know how to do that anyway.

Chris drove the whole way. Going down the mountain from Kennedy Meadows, I felt a little nauseous again, but I got better when we were back on the flat east side of the mountains. We stopped in Bishop to see Tamika. Luigi (Joe) had just left, so we missed him, too. We also saw Hummingbird, another vegan there. It was a very chill atmosphere, I can't wait to go back. We then drove straight through to South Lake Tahoe and shared a room in the cheapest motel we could find.

The Hostel California in Bishop; full of sleepy hikers recovering.

The motel in South Lake Tahoe.


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