Day 76 - Making Plans - June 20

Today I figured out what I'm doing.  I'm going to skip to Chester.  I woke up with a clear mind, that this was the right path for me.  Then I figured out how to get there.  Four different buses tomorrow, with four different transportation systems, and I'll be in Chester.  One of the buses only runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I talked to a thru-hiker called Sneaky, he's one of the first to make it through the Sierra.  He says he'll catch up to me, my goal is to make that as late as possible.  He's going to be 250 miles behind, so it might take a while.  While I looked up each of the bus schedule and figured out fare, etc, Tripod went to watch a movie or two.  One bus needed a reservation, so I called and made one.  I had all the arrangements figured out, then I figured out my resupply.  There are some mediocre resupply towns ahead, so I needed to bounce some boxes.  Then I went to the grocery store with resupply in mind.  Then I had to figure out what equipment to bring from the latest reports.  The soonest I could find was two weeks old, and it seemed like I needed crampons and my Whippet still. I was hoping to trade, but my other equipment was still ahead in Sierra City.  There is so much involved with a skip, it's just not simple.

I guess my whole day went by like that, planning and such.


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