Day 87 - Another Bear - July 1

I woke up this morning thinking about negative things other people have said.  People that worry too much.  I don't need any negativity right now.  What I'm trying to do is hard enough.  I have enough negative thoughts of my own without adding more.  When I wake up thinking about those negative things, it's very demotivating.  I just want to stay in my tent and sleep more.  Perhaps this is why I like camping alone lately.  It gives me some time and space to think.

I laid in bed for a while and as I was getting ready, Bootsie came down the trail.  He stopped to talk and wait for Rambles, who was along shortly.  I packed up as we talked.  They left after a few minutes, and I was ready soon after.

The trail went downhill from camp, into thick underbrush.  It felt like being back east.  There was even a vine that reminded me of kudzu.  Rambles and Boots were taking a smoke break at a lovely stream.  I wanted to join them, but my bowels had other plans.  I had to continue and find some terrain where I could dig a hole, which didn't take long.  I stopped for breakfast soon after, then saw Rambles and Boots pass by.  Later, I thought I smelled a faint whiff of weed at another stream and figured they had stopped again.

As I arrived at the river, Coco was there talking to a guy next to a car.  His name is Gabriel and he gave us both some sweet peppers.  AJ and Ana, a German couple arrived and got some peppers, too.  We all stopped at the river for lunch, facing it and watching.  A dog that looked like a wolf came down, got water and went back up.  Maybe it was a wolf.  I wanted to get in the water and wash off.  I stripped down to my underwear and sports bra, stepped in and felthow cold it was.  I decided just to get my legs in.  The cold water would do them good.  AJ got all the way in, one part at a time while we watched.  He said now he didn't need a shower in town.  Ana washed her legs.  Another, smaller dog came down and got water.  A young boy chased him down, admonishing him.  Leaving that river felt like leaving paradise but somehow, after 2 hours we managed to leave.

From there, the trail was uphill and hot.  I stopped at the next campsite, an old road that is overgrown.  The mosquitos were on me as soon as I paused, so I set up my tent in a hurry and threw all my pack in.  I ate dinner while reading inside my tent while the mosquitos buzzed just outside my mesh.  I'm glad not to have a tarp right now.

At dusk, a bear wandered past my campsite.  Again, I didn't see it, only heard it.  It didn't seem to take an interest in me or my food.  I heard it tearing apart a log, probably having a nice snack of grubs.  Then it wandered up the ridge above me.  I felt concerned that maybe it was going to circle me like the other, but the sound of it grew further away.  I might have thought maybe it was a deer, except for the log tearing.  I'm glad I don't have to move again.

I've been thinking more about how hard it is to consistently do the kind of miles I need to do to finish.  Maybe if I alternate easy and hard days, it will resemble something like training for a run.  Let my muscles build up faster.  It's been two days since my long day, so maybe tomorrow is time for another.


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