Days 30 and 31 - Double Zero in Lake Arrowhead

I woke up feeling a little nauseous, the salad I had last night just felt like it hadn't digested.  I hadn't been able to fill my prescription because the pharmacy had been closed.  So, around ten, I finally got out of bed and walked to the pharmacy.  It wasn't far, but I was still so tired.  I got it and then got some food for munching at the Stater Brothers grocery.  I figured it would be better for my budget and my stomach to just eat a little throughout the day while I rested rather than going to restaurants.  I got hummus, veggies, fruit and sliced bread to make veggie hummus sandwiches.  I also had cars almost back out on to me three times in that one walk.  This town needs sidewalks.

I pretty much spent the rest of the day in bed, resting, drinking water and eating.  The pills helped a lot.  My stomach would start to feel off, I'd take one and it would get better enough to eat.  I took a bath in the Jacuzzi tub.  So nice!  A big luxury, that's for sure.  I usually only shower at home, and I don't even do that every day.  I feel like it's probably a waste of water, but after yesterday, I think I deserved it.  I washed my laundry in the tub after it drained down below the jets, so I did make double use of it.

The next morning was foggy and rainy.  Mouse and I went in for breakfast at 8, and Steve, Dan and Dave were in soon after.  We sat together at a big table and talked about the rough hike up here, the rescue. It was nice to joke around with them.  Dave tells the story of how he was kicked out of the local Blue Jay Theatre for loitering, even though he had already paid for a ticket.  He asked for a refund and left.  This is not a hiker friendly, or bearded man friendly town.  I've been given some weird looks, but I'm a young woman so everyone has been friendly so far.  Double standards!

Someone checked the local news and found an article about the rescue.  There was also a link to it on the PCT 2017 Facebook group, and lots of people commenting, some assuming I didn't wash my hands or treat my water.  (I do, and no treatment is 100% effective.)  Great.  Thanks for the benefit of the doubt, random internet strangers.  It's kinda strange how when someone gets sick while backpacking, it's assumed to be their fault, while when someone gets sick in a city, that's just something going around.  Oh, the article got some other details wrong, they switched the paramedics.  Eric came down and put me in the harness, Jennifer walked me get from the helicopter to the hospital and I didn't get her name, so I am glad to have it.

Around 10 am, the hotel power went out.  Honestly, I didn't care much, except I was planning on watching Netflix all day on my phone and the WiFi was out.  Mouse wanted WiFi to do some work, so we ventured to McDonalds.  Turns out the whole village is out of power and closed.  We sat under an awning for a little, watching a couple of Pendleton salespeople selling windbreakers for $20 cash on the sidewalk.  They're working it, doing good business.  They had checked with the power company that power might be back in 30 minutes, but that time passed and we went back to the hotel.

The room key didn't work and I had to go to the office twice to get it working.  Thank goodness that is battery operated!  The heat is also fuel, so I won't freeze tonight.  There was a wedding cake in the hotel lobby, looks like someone is getting married there today in a hotel with no power.

Mouse took the bus to San Bernardino at 2:40.  I went with him and we went into Stater Brothers Grocery first.  Their power was off, but they were selling with cash only. It was like an adventure, all the lights off, people using their cell phone lights, trying to remember all the prices of the items.  We each got one thing.  I figure I'll come back tomorrow and Mouse just needed change for the bus.  Mouse has a long way to go before his flight from LA to Portland on Monday morning.  I'll miss hiking with him, but he'll be better off not being in so much pain.  He hopes to get back on the trail in Portland in a few months.

I called my mom from the hotel.  I'm missing the Kentucky Derby!  My family is all watching it together, talking about whose going to win.  My sister and her fiance are in from Virginia Beach and Ian and Roscoe dog are there too.  They were all on speaker phone.  It was awesome, but when I hung up, I felt lonely.  With all these recovery zero days, the people I've met are going to be far ahead.  They were already slipping ahead of me.  I know I'll make new friends, I'm good at that. Plus, when I get to Kennedy Meadows, it'll be like a big reunion!

The power came back on around 5:30 pm.  I'm considering another zero tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be nasty again and I don't feel ready yet for a full day of hiking.  I've taken less nausea pills than yesterday, so that's good.  My hiking budget is hurting, but I'll be alright.


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