Day 24 - Get Going

I had breakfast at Broadway Cafe, where they make huge breakfast burritos and they have all you can eat pancakes.  Seriously, this place should be on all the hiker apps.  My breakfast burrito was a little smaller since I didn't get egg or cheese on it, but I added mushrooms, onions, avocado and salsa.  I was still hungry after it, so I asked for hashbrowns and they didn't charge me for it, and even put some zucchini on the side.  So good!

I went back to the hotel room and started going through my stuff and removing tags and extra straps.  I had mailed back home some stuff I don't use much.  I forgot to mail back my sunscreen so I put it in the hiker box.  I have a good base tan now and I've stopped using it.

I talked to my mom and Mouse walked to the store for some ibuprofen.  Then we packed our bags and checked out.  I left two boxes of food there, for me to pick up in a couple days.  I'll probably mail some ahead then, which will be easier than doing it now since the closest post office is not open on Saturdays.

I got a ride back to Heart Bar Campground from a local trail angel, Chris Winter aka "Iceman".  Mouse walked up Van Dusen Canyon road to get back on the trail.  He's planning on getting a ride to LA from Cajon Pass.  He needs to go to LA to change out some gear at REI and talk to sponsors for a cross country scooter trip he's planning after this.  Hopefully we'll be able to meet up again further up the trail.

I walked alone up that hill, and it wasn't so bad.  I only have a couple days of food in my pack and I'm feeling fresh from the zero day.  I got back up to the trail in 1 hour 40 minutes.  It was a nice cool day.  Back on the trail, I soon met a couple resting their feet on a log.  Tanya from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and Matt from near Portland, Maine.  They were nice to talk to and we hiked together the rest of the day.  We took a break at Coon Creek Cabin and had dinner.  There was a large group of thru-hikers, none that I had met before, setting up tents and having dinner at the picnic tables.  The cabin was a little spooky, abandoned and covered with graffiti on the inside.

I hiked on another 2 miles to the next tentsites.  It was the highest I've camped so far, at around 8,700 feet, mile 248.  Tanya and Matt camped there also.  I hiked about 12 miles today and I started at 12:45.  A good half day of hiking.  It's supposed to be cold tonight so I'm wearing all my clothes.  Hope I won't regret shipping home my thermal top.


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