Day 15 - Views for Miles

Daniel pointed out the head of a rake in some Manzanita bushes near our campsite.  I grabbed it and strapped it to my pack.  Why do I always find these things in the beginning of a schlep?

Today was a big climb up the mountains and I used my headphones for the first time.  Music helped give me the extra energy to keep going.   There were lots of places where large rocks were in the trail and you have to walk over them. There weren't too many shady spots, but we rested in a few.  As we rested, a man riding a horse came up.  I talked to the horse as he approached so the horse wouldn't spook.  The man stopped and introduced himself as Gary, his mare's is Mercedes.  He's been trading out two mares, his wife is following along with the horse trailer.  He said they were camping near 74 tonight and they could give us a ride into Idyllwild in the morning.  We said we might take him up on that but we planned to get a ride tonight.

A large brown snake crossed the path right in front of Daniel, scaring us both.  It was not a rattlesnake, the head was shaped different and no rattle.


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