Day 28 Part 2 - A Rough Night

(I've broken this day up into two parts, since my day took such a drastic turn for the worse.  The first part was written around lunchtime.  The second was written the next morning while I was trying to recover from a stomach flu and not succeeding.)

Don't eat Chili Ramen unless you have lots of water to handle it.  Hotter than I thought it was going to be.

The chili ramen dinner really isn't sitting well.  My stomach hurts, I feel bloated.  It's about 2 miles to the next water access.  Even though I'm following this large creek, the trail is up on a steep cliff halfway up the valley.  I get to the day use area with the water access, put my pack down and get water.  I feel really bad.  I feel like I must look terrible, but the people playing in the river don't notice.  I guess they expect all us thruhikers to look like hell warmed over.  Maybe they're too absorbed in being loud and annoying to give two shits about anyone else.  After treating my water, I found a sandy spot away from the dirt road to sleep.  I was just laying there on the sand when Daniel found me.  He goaded me into getting my stuff set up for cowboy camping.  Then I threw up next to a rock that was already growing a toilet paper garden.  Then I started a litter box full of catholes.  It was a rough night, I got up so many times.  I couldn't even keep water down for a while.  Towards morning, I was finally able to keep some water in my belly.

I miss my cat Jethro so much.  If I was sick at home, I know he'd lay on my chest and purr while I pet his soft fur.  Out here, the best I can hope for is that a cougar eats me and that my death would be quick.  Here, kitty, kitty.

We hiked 15.7 miles today.  I had past the 300 mile marker without noticing.  What an accomplishment.  I think I'll just die now.


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