Day 27 - New Trail Friends Around a Fire

We left Papa Smurf and Mountain Mama's abode in the second run to drop people at trailheads.  I rode with Mouse and Hamlet, Hamlet got dropped at highway 18 and we were dropped at Van Dusen Canyon Road.  It was 10 miles to water.  We hiked in about a mile and a half and stopped at a picnic table to have a long lunch.    Jamie aka Black Cap stopped and talked for a while and then we napped, and Doug came up and sat with us.  He offered me some peanut butter.  We ate a lot of food; tomato sauce from a packet, dollar store pound cake, tortillas with vegan cheese and hot sauce, tortillas with peanut butter, candy, bars.  Our packs felt lighter when we got up.  Nice!

I don't think there's any chance I will run out of food, I have so much in my pack.

The views were great , seeing Big Bear and the lake to the left.  The lake looked so much nicer from above with snow capped mountains above.  We stopped at the Cougar Crest Trail, Mouse didn't feel well from eating straight tomato sauce so he stayed to take a nap and I continued.  He's quick on the downhill, so we had plans to meet at the next water.

I took another break under the shade of a pine tree, laying on the pine needles.  As I crossed a road, there was a ranger having lunch there, I talked to her, she was very nice.  She said you are allowed to have fires in metal rings but not rock pits right now.  Mouse caught up to me soon after.  There were lots of people we passed back and forth all day.  Most camped with us at the next camp, which had a fire pit.  Mouse gathered firewood and started it.  It was a good group to hang out with over dinner and a fire;  Sage, Satchmo, Hummingbird, Ian, Nick, Hamlet, Mike and Safety Turtle.


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