Day 21 - Mission Creek

The sunrise was as amazing as the sunset.  I love cowboy camping; you just open your eyes and behold the beauty, no movement required.  We forded the river.  Mouse even managed to not get his feet wet.  I just walked  right through.

We hiked over a dry mountain.  Mouse ran out of water, but he didn't want mine.  We hiked down into Mission Creek.  Mouse looked beat and dehydrated so we took an extra long lunch and nap there under a tree.  Mouse snuggles up to some rocks and says they're very comfortable.  Stephanie and the group of vets catches up to us, stops for a bit and continues.  We meet Alexia, whose parents gave me a ride back at Paradise Valley Cafe.

We were following the creek all day, crossing it several times.  There were cattails growing and thick green grass overtook the trail sometimes.  We took lots of breaks.  It was lovely, cool and shady right next to the creek, but the trail kept venturing up into the hot and sunny slopes above.  There are creek crossings with loys of mud.  Reminds me of some places in North Carolina, and I'm glad to have my tracking poles for stability.  My shoes and gaiters are hopelessly muddy and soaked.

I'm so tired.

Cliff Walker has a stuffed puppy strapped to her pack, someone says it belongs to Rich, and then I remembered seeing it with him.  It had been dropped at one of the muddy water crossings, but it seemed to have just missed getting muddy.  She was determined to find him.

I'm always hungry.  I want more pop tarts.  I think we're slowing up because we don't have enough food.  We're rationing so we don't run out before Big Bear, but that's slowing our pace.  Need to bring more next time.

Everyone seems to be aiming for the same campsite, the one right before a fire closure.  The trail is closed to camping for five miles, but it shows as much more on the Guthook app.  A lot of us decide to stop short of it.  We know how many people are ahead, already camping at those spots.  Mouse and I find a spot and I pitched my tent in the wind.  The wind rushed through that canyon that night, shaking my tent.  I had to get up twice to put larger rocks on my stakes after they pulled out.  The wind blew dust into the tent and I put all my electronics in my sleeping bag again.  I didn't sleep well.  Talking to others, most of them had the same experience that night.


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