Day 17 - Idyllwild Nero Day

Today, the Porsches started rolling in. There 914s everywhere. I don't know much about them, but they were beautiful and it was nice to see twelve or so lined up in a row.
We did laundry in the hotel's laundry and ran into Joe, who said he stayed at the campground and took three zeros. Apparently, it's quite the party scene there.We had tofu tacos at the Plant Food Supper Club Cafe and I got another vegan cheesecake. So good!We went to the store again, Daniel got a sorbet and I got an apple. At the hotel, we hung out in the lounge and topped off our devices and ate sorbet.Chris, the lodge owner gives us a ride to deer springs trailhead in the afternoon with her sweet dog.A ranger asked to see our permits immediately, we said we were PCT hikers and he said we were fine.It's a Saturday and there are day hikers everywhere, not yielding to people going uphill with heavy packs. Some are nice, they yield and ask questions about thru-hiking.It was really slow going with our packs heavy with 6 days of food to get us to Big Bear.There were lots of switchbacks and we started to see large redwood trees and patches of snow on the side of the trail.I met Rosie Petals at an overlook.We continued up and up and up. We camped at 7,900 feet, at the Strawberry Junction Camp. There were several tents set up with no one in them yet, probably people summiting San Jacinto Peak.


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