Day 35 - Lake Silverwood

Today, I felt like sleeping in, I think we all did.  I had forgotten to soak my oatmeal, so I did that first thing.  It didn't take long.

It was a cool morning, but it started to get hotter quick.  The trail joined up with the road to cross over a concrete bridge over the spillway for Silverwood Lake.  Soon after, there was a red cooler in the trail.  So excited!  There wasn't anything left.  I did have a chance to write my trail name in a journal for the first time!  The cool breezes at the lake were a welcome change.  It felt a little like walking along a coastline, the trail meandering along the lake shore.  Matt rolled his ankle and fell, but it seemed fine.  The other leg was scratched good, though.

We stopped at a boat in picnic area, which had an unofficial trail from the PCT.  There was trash everywhere.  Gross.  The pit toilets were disgusting.  Someone had pooped in the corner.  At least the beach there was nice.  We had lunch and a nap there, listening to the small lapping waves and watching ducks and seagulls.  We met a thru-hiker​ from the UK just before we left.

There were a few roads after the picnic area, you have to watch close to find where the trail is.  We were briefly on a bike path also.  The trail climbed up away from the lake.  The wind was cold on the other side of the ridge, and I out my raincoat and down jacket on to stay warm.

We hiked 13.7 miles today, cowboy camping at a small spot next to the trail tonight.


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