Day 16 - Idyllwild Zero Day

I slept in late.  My body needed this zero day.  I missed the opportunity to do laundry, though, so I had to throw my dirty clothes on again to switch rooms.  Yuck.  They were pretty full, so we had to switch.
 We wandered around town, raiding hiker boxes, got supplies and groceries at the Fairway.  I went to the post office and bounced home the charger I left in San Diego.  I thought I would like to have a quick charger, but I've been fine without it and it would add weight.  I got a smoothie at the Town Baker, they have a nice outside area in the back to chill.  We ran into some other hikers there.  We packaged food with some ziplocs from the hiker box.  I had a salad dinner with pita, tomato and avocado.


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