Day 9 - To Warner Springs

Waking up, I ate some bars for breakfast while watching the sun hit the mountains.  The German guys Alex and Felix were long gone.  I hiked with Daniel all day today.  We went up and down some hills, nothing too steep in the morning.  We reached the 100 mile mark!  1/26 done!  We went down into the valley towards Warner Springs.  Everything got more lush and green.

At the water stop people are cooking and talking.  The European group; Chris and Kathryn, Matias from Germany, Jenny from Germany, Theodore from Denmark.  There were identical twin Brothers from Ohio, doing this as a section hike.  They are all having a great time.  Shu Shu catches up to us.  He chugs along at a fast pace, then stops to take a break, where we pass him, repeat this all day long.  We are more at a slow and steady pace.

We get a view looking towards Eagle Rock.  Looks cool!  The valley going into Eagle Rock is full of grasses, waving in the wind.
We reach Eagle Rock just after Kathryn and Chris, take a couple of pics and then the rest of the group arrives.

Tired after Eagle Rock, really dragging, the whole gang passed me and Daniel.  Took a couple short breaks, the second interrupted by realizing we had sat on ants and they weren't happy about it.

It was overwhelming getting into Warner Springs Resource Center.  $5 donation for hot bucket showers, bucket laundry and a place to pitch your tent for up to two nights.  Clothes to wear while you do your laundry.
We walked to the resort restaurant and basically swarmed the place.  I sat with Daniel, Brandon, Kelly, Mystery Cooler, Alex from South Carolina, Kathryn, and the newly named Finger Guns (formerly Chris).

It was like an adult sleepover in Tent City under the big oak tree, talking to Brandon and Daniel and Finger Guns and drinking a few Coronas.  People were being loud and partying, so we might as well stay up until it ends.  No reason to get huffy about it on the trail, we don't have a job to wake up to in the morning


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