Day -1 Flying to San Diego

Saying goodbye to my animals was emotional.  I gave each of them a good pet.  Roscoe wiggled hid entire body while licking the tears off my face.  Jethro just gave me the skeptical cat look.  Napoleon came up while I was petting Jethro.  Hey, don't forget me, I need lots of attention.

Saying goodbye to Ian was really hard.  He dropped me at the airport and we checked how long the security line was (nonexistent) before finding a quiet spot to sit.  He watched me get through security and at the other end, I waved to him.  As I sat down to put on my shoes, I was glad not many people were there to see my tears.  It's been years since I've been away from him for more than a few days.  Being away from him for so long might just be the hardest part of this trip. 

Sitting in the airport terminal, I start to read a book on my Kindle that Ian just finished.  It's quite distracting which is just what I need.  After a little while, I look up at the clouds rolling past the terminal and the plane landing.  The jet engine has a mesmerizing little swirl on it that slows down.  Enjoy this moment, I think to myself.  Live in this moment.  That's what I'm going to do.

Boarding the plane, I'm a little worried my backpack will be too big.  We measured last night and it was one inch too deep, but no one says anything and it fit in the overhead bin, even turned the correct way!  Another awesome thing about the Osprey Exos 58 (with top removed)!  Also, Southwest flies older planes and I think they have more space.

The pilot announces  "I wish I could you the weather in Denver is great, but it's not."

Good thing I'm changing planes to San Diego, where it's sunny and nice now.  I didn't see much of the Denver airport.  I had just enough time to grab a snack and board the next flight.

I took a bus from the airport to the AirBnB apartment where I'm staying for two nights.   While I was waiting I met Kari, another PCT through hiker frim Seattle who starts tomorrow!

Maple Canyon
Maple Canyon
Maple Canyon
Sailboats on the bay
It's a cool public restroom building.

My host was really nice, and she was very interested in the PCT.  I basically got interviewed, but it was all friendly and her sweet cat laid in my lap most of the time.  After a brief rest, I snagged some vegan fast food at Evolution and walked around, checking out Maple Canyon and then heading towards the water.  I probably shouldn't have walked so far, but the lure of exploring a new city is hard to resist.


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