Day 4 - Mount Laguna

I got up and got hiking around 7, heading into the tiny town of Mt Laguna for breakfast.  I ended up hiking past the first trail exit for Mt Laguna and went to the second.  I was excited about food and a shower.  I got to the lodge/store first, and picked up my resupply box.  I was thinking my phone charger would be there, after I left it in the AirBnB in San Diego, I asked Sehar to ship it to me.  She ended up waiting to ship it to me, because it was too soon for it to get there.  She'll send it ahead.  Ok, and hardly anyone here has even heard of a USB-C cord, so, no dice on buying one.  My next stop was the Blue Jay Lodge Cafe, where I met a couple of awesome ladies, Lily and ___ and their dog Belle.  The veggie burger was good, nice and crispy.  Next stop was the local outfitter, with only tiny aisles between gear stacked to the ceiling.  One person at a time could fit through, no passing.  It was like fitting an entire REI into a large living room.  It also had all the lightest stuff from the niche manufacturers, like Gossamer Gear and Zpacks.  I thought I'd never see that stuff in a store.  I bought a pair of socks and a few bars and went outside.  I realized people were getting pack shakedowns and decided to give it a shot.  I weighed my pack, minus food and water, and laid it out for comment from the expert.  He was a real expert, too, an experienced through hiker.  My pack initially weighed 15 lbs and he managed to get me down to 13.5.  They are shipping the extra to Julian for me and some went in the hiker box.  A hiker box is basically a give a penny, take a penny, but with hiking gear.  It's only for thru hikers.

Thing I put in the hiker box:
Emergency blanket (they don't work)
Rope (don't need to hang my URsack)

Things I shipped ahead:
Fleece (I have the down coat)
Warm pants (I have thermal pants plus capris I can layer)
Dry stuff sack for sleeping bag (it can go in the big one, no need to double up.)
1/4 Pack towel (I can use my bandana)
Silny bag for clothes. (Mosquito head net can double as stuff sack.)

That took a while, but it was a nice spot to hang out and I met so many people.  I decided to camp at the Burnt Rancherita campground that night since it was three in the afternoon and the camping was not great ahead for a several miles.

I shared a site with Cliff Walker, Stakes, Brandon and a group of older guys.  Cliff Walker and Stakes thruhiked the AT together a few years ago.  They were really chill.  Allan walked into camp with a pack of beer to share, so we made room.  Cliff Walker mentioned finding a USB-C cable on the trail and putting it in the hiker box.  I was all about it, so I went back, but couldn't find it.  There was a similar one, but no luck.  I had dinner at the Pine House Tavern, another veggie burger and a salad.  That salad tasted amazing.  I think my body needs the greens.  I considered getting another salad.  So good!

Stakes actually had a USB C cable, which I borrowed, charging it in the campground bathroom while I got a shower.  I washed my dirtiest clothes in there also, changing into my thermals for bed.  Goodnight!


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