Day 11 - Momentum

I got a late start today, it was hard to leave Warner Springs Resource Center.  I left around 8:30 with Daniel.  The first 6 miles went really easy, following along a creek that we crossed several times.  We ran into James, he had camped by the creek next to a structure he dubbed the axe murderer shed.  At one of the creek crossings, we saw Mia taking a break and we stopped to get water.  Soon, a man on two horses came up and stopped on the other side of the creek.  We all went to introduce ourselves and see the horses.  It was Trent, I follow him on Instagram, he is riding two Mustang geldings the length of the PCT to raise awareness for Ataxia.

Soon after the last creek crossing, Daniel and I sat down at a nice shady spot.  We meant to stop for just a few minutes, but it turned out to be such a nice spot.  Shady, sloped perfectly, a nice little breeze.  We were both so tired coming off that zero day.  It was like we had momentum going into the zero, and after it, our momentum was working the other way.  We ended up taking a two hour nap right there next to the trail.  It was nice.  From there, we had to climb uphill.

Brandon and then Joe came up, Joe had decided to take off his shirt in this heat.  Brandon had removed his pants, hiking in his boxers.   It was the hottest day we'd had yet.

The retired highway patrol guys; Steve, Dan and Dave would pass us while we took breaks and then we'd pass them.

I hiked with Brandon, Joe and Daniel for awhile.  Joe started singing Big Rock Candy Mountain, which is just about the best hiking song I can think of and it stuck in my head for days.

As we reach the water source, ten miles from Warner Springs, Daniel is not feeling well.  Daniel and I camp there while Joe and Brandon continue to another camp.  There were a few others there; Daniel from Texas, two women from Montreal, a guy from Israel, Brent and Jess.


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