Day 7 - Julian

The sun rose behind the mountains this morning, brightening the sky before you could see it.  I woke up and decided to pack it up and start slowly walking towards Julian.  It looks like everyone else except Matthew were still there.  I enjoyed walking alone that morning.  I descended into the desert, seeing more blooming cacti.  It seemed like everything was blooming.  Spectacular!  I met a guy named Ed on the trail, he told me about Julian, where the best resupply stores were, etc.  He's retired and he shuttles thru-hikers into Julian for fun.  I hiked down into the valley nearer the road and found a nice piece of shade to wait.  Soon enough, Daniel from Texas came along. I hadn't met him before, must be catching up to me.  His knee was hurting from doing too many miles downhill yesterday.  Cliff Walker and Stakes showed up next and we started walking to the minivan.  The ride into town was about 13 miles, and when we got there, Ed circled the town pointing out all the important stops for a thru hiker.  Julian is a cute little tourist town, but they also cater to all the thru hikers that pass through.  Our first stop was Carmen's Garden Restaurant, where all thru hikers get a free PBR.  I had fries and a salad, which was good and I couldn't quite finish the fries.  Hiker hunger hasn't set in yet.  Carmen's is super hiker friendly.  While we were sitting there, a lady came up and offered us fresh asparagus.  I had no way to cook it, but Stakes and Cliff Walker took a bunch.  Next was the resupply place.  So overwhelming to go into a grocery store, even a small one, after being on trail.  I had enough food for Warner Springs, so I just got some fresh fruit and stuff for dinner.

Then we went to Mom's Diner for the pie.  I decided I could make an exception to my vegan diet for a price of pie everyone had been talking about for three days.  Shh, don't tell the vegan police.  I skipped the ice cream and had a glass of cold apple cider.  The strawberry rhubarb pie was worth it, tasted like homemade amazing iny mouth.

Then I went back to Carmen's, had another beer and charged my devices, hanging out with some thru-hikers in the back of the restaurant.

Rambles, M, Quinn and Mia were going to get a ride to the Stagecoach RV campground and I joined them.  $8 a person for camping, laundry, a hot shower and a pool in the desert.  They had an area for PCT hikers.  Lots of folks were already there with there tents set up.  I did my laundry and took a shower while it was going.  I wore my least dirty clothes while the rest washed.  It was almost dark before I finished, so I skipped the pool.  I had dinner with the group, circled around nothing in particular and talking and laughing.  My tent was right next to the party, so I decided to snag some WiFi and text my family rather than try to sleep yet.  Daniel from Portland was there, and we talked for a bit before going back to the sleeping area.

That night was very windy, gusts possibly up to 60 mph from what I heard.  My tent was well pitched since I had plenty of room to work with, and I put rocks on the stakes.


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