Day 13 - Long Naps

I slept in this morning.  I've got nowhere to go awfully quickly since I realized the detour sends me into Idylwild sooner than I expected.  Good thing, because I was very optimistic about the miles I could put in on this section.  Tomorrow is the Paradise Valley Cafe.  Is it weird that we talk a lot about the next town?  Should'nt we be out here for the wilderness parts?  Perhaps the wilds just make the towns that much more appealing.  Daniel left before me this morning, and then me and Brandon left together, talking about life, our families and the weird pets we had as kids.  We caught up to Daniel and we all three walked together for a while, stopping for a shady break after a while.  Daniel's hip was bothering him, so he stayed a little longer while me and Brandon hiked on to the next water.

It wasn't long until the water, where a cistern caught spring water and let it out at a faucet downhill.  Several hikers were there taking a break in the shade.  Daniel and a few other hikers showed up.  It was a really nice shady spot to lay down and nap, and that's what many people did, including myself.  I decided to stay there until the heat of the day was over.  I left at 3, walking alone for the first time in a few days.  It was really nice.  I do enjoy walking with people, especially if we can joke and laugh.  However, when walking alone I feel like I can really do whatever I want.  I'm not slowing anyone else down.  I chased a Sphinx Moth for 20 minutes trying to get a shot.  Didn't really get a good one, but I tried.

The trail went up and down some canyons in this section.  The canyons were really interesting, with lots of boulders.  After an uphill section, I found Brandon in the shade taking a break and we walked together to the next big campsite at mile 144.  It was a little crowded already, but we found a couple of spots to set up our tents.


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