Day 0 - Exploring Bilboa Park in San Diego

I slept really well last night, for some reason sleeping in a different bed just knocks me right out.  At home if I can't sleep, I just go to the guest bed or the couch and I'm out like a light.  I woke up pretty early though, and then pretended to sleep until it started to get light.

Dirt trails in Balboa Park
Timken Museum of Art - Free and a great example of modern architecture.
Me in the Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden is basically a large ornate wooden trellis held up by steel trusses. In North Carolina's climate it would have rotted away already.
Botanical Garden

I had an oatmeal breakfast at a coffee shop, finished up yesterday's blog post and set out to explore Bilboa Park.  I thought about going to the zoo, but decided it was too much walking for the day before the PCT.  I stopped to read a few times as I went.  I started out on some dirt trails, they look popular with the mountain bikers.  I went over Cobrillo Bridge and into the museum area. Checked out the free ones, mainly because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on my feet going through a whole museum.  Also, I'm trying to transition into broke hiker mode from must-buy-all-the-gear mode.  There was plenty of free awesome scenery.  This park just kept changing it up.  Different areas had completely different vegetation.  There were hills and flat areas, crowded places, quiet places, sunny places, shady places, you name it, it was there.  You could spend so much time there and not get bored.

Crazy trees.
HUGE fig tree!

I did get hungry, though.  So, I took a bus to Hillcrest and grabbed some vegan pad tai at Veganic Thai.  Yum!!!  I've been wanting some, but it's never vegan unless you ask for the fish sauce off and it just doesn't have the same umami flavor without.  Then I stopped at Whole Foods to get some groceries.  They had so many vegan desserts compared to the one in Raleigh!


I'm pretty much going to chill and read the rest of the day.  Resting those legs, they'll have some work to do tomorrow!


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