New Year, New Goals

I've heard that we set our new years resolutions too high each year and that's why we don't meet our goals. So, this year I am going to do an Ironman, wrestle an alligator, and get a new PR in the 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon, and marathon. Also I'm going to run a 2:00 half, a 24:00 5k, bench-press your mother. Man, I'm glad that's out of my system.

That said, I really am going for a half PR and I haven't even run a 10k yet, so that's an easy PR! It almost seems silly to do New Years resolutions, because if you had asked me this time last year, the word marathon would never have entered my mind, unless half was in front. 2012 was a really big year for me. I ran my first half marathon, first marathon and got engaged. I got a 5k PR and more than doubled my yearly running mileage. Hopefully I also passed my last Architect Registration Exam (ARE), but I won't know that for a few more days. Cross your fingers for me!


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