I surprised myself last weekend at a trail run!

Race #2 Jolly Elf Trail Run December 8th 2012

I really did not expect what happened this two weekends ago.  (Yeah, I know I said I would post this a week ago.)  The expected - my brother and sister came to visit, we had a great time and we ran a trail 5k together.  Ian ran too!  The unexpected - I got a PR on a trail run!

This time I was determined not to get slowed down by a pack of walking people at the beginning.  I positioned myself in the third row of a very wide start line.  The first row was mostly excited children.  I still got slowed down a little in the beginning when the race narrowed from a field to a path.

After that, I got past a lot of people and made a really quick time for me.  I knew it was quick because I could still see my little brother ahead.  He is tall, fast and easy to spot in a crowd.  I was feeling really good, then came the dreaded second mile.  I picked out a tall guy (not my brother) and tried to keep up with him.  He kept slipping away and people were passing me.  Then my friend Nora from Nog Run Club passed me.  I had to keep up with her!  Towards the end, she did have a pretty good lead on me.  All of a sudden, we were near the finish line and I sprinted to the end, passing Nora with maybe 100 meters left.  I can put some speed on at the end!

I looked at my watch, and read 25:08!  PR!  By 19 seconds!  Woohoo!

I thanked Nora for her part in getting me that PR.  Apparently I need a pacer.  My brother Brian got a PR, too, 21:49.  It was only his second 5k.  He did not think the course was hilly.  That boy is a mountain goat, passing people up the hills.  My sister Marissa got a PR, also.  Kinda makes me wonder...  uncertified course....  Oh well, I'll take it anyway.

"Guess what?  7, 8, 9!"  A little kid came up to us and said that, because those were our race numbers.  We always get low numbers because of our last name, Angel.  I didn't like always going first in school, but now I like it.  Ian was number 4 hundred-something.  Boring.  Don't think I'll take your name fiance, I want people to think I'm one of those fast people with low race numbers.

Mile 1 - 8:10
Mile 2 - 8:59
Mile 3 - 7:52
Mile 3.04 - 6:09

My watch thought it was only 3.04 miles long.  Sometimes it's short, but not often.  But hey, look at those last .04 miles!  6:09, didn't think I had that in me even for a sprint.

We kicked that 5k's ass!


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