Another great long run

This makes the second weekend in a row that I've had a long run that exceeded what I've been able to do in the past. Last weekend I ran a 12.6 mile run at 9:29 pace, and it was pretty consistent. There was one mile at 10:00 pace, but it was uphill. The rest was on a really flat greenway.

This weekend I ran with Tim, Susan and Erin from the art museum to Umstead State Park. Then they turned around and I picked up the pace, probably a little too much at first. Then I settled back into a comfortable pace. The result was a 14.3 mile run at 10:05 pace. This was really good with all those hills! It was a little over 1,000 feet of elevation gain total.

Either one of these runs would be a PR half marathon for me. My PR half is RunRaleigh at 2:17, which has a similar course to last weekend's run. I'm running it again this year, and this time I will be prepared for the Ashe Avenue hill at the end! It's on!

All this improvement in endurance and speed makes me want to do another marathon. It wore me out but also built me back up.

I'm off to my parents house for Christmas. My Christmas wish is for my little brother to show me what crazy runs he's been doing out in the woods (and that he doesn't kill me.) Merry Christmas!


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