Day 92 - Fantasy - July 6

After about 2 miles of hiking, I reached a patch of snow in a saddle.  I stopped for as one put on my microspikes, and a woman hiked up behind me, continuing over the snow.  I crossed the snow following her.  I caught up to her and we talked some.  Her name is Quetzal and she is from Mexico.  Her English seemed limited, so we didn't talk much.  The trail wound through beautiful red rocks.  I saw a familiar hiker ahead, coming my way.  It was Optimistic Turtle and her fiance!  She's doing this section going south bound, but then she'll get back on trail further south and head north.  I saw Deadfall Lakes on either side of the trail, but it was too early and cool for swimming.

When I took a lunch break, a squirrel chatteredat me from the tree I was rested against.  I was off trail a little and  I noticed every time a hiker came close, there was warning from the birds.

I reached a stream that looked too fanbtastical to be real.  Two little brooks joined together, curving around a bright green meadow.  Little flowers in many colors dotted its banks and one little orange butterfly sat opening and closing it's wings.

I passed a blue Osprey Exos pack on the ground and then reached another beautiful stream, less artistic in its straight lines.  I took a break, thinking, ok, just 3 more miles.  An hour of fast hiking.  My total for the day was 21.4 miles.


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