Lazy Sunday Run

Today started as a lazy Sunday, but it was supposed to be a productive Sunday.  I didn't set any alarms or even tell myself when I should wake up and somehow neither my running watch nor my phone was on my nightstand this morning.  Then my Jethro cat came in and laid on my chest.  Hard to summon the energy to go outside in the cold (it was 38 degrees last night!) when you have a mutt laying on your feet, a cat on your chest, and a nice ray of sun coming in the window.  So I slept in for once.  It was nice at first, then it felt like momentum keeping me there, like I had lost all will to get up.  Loose plans to run 8 miles at Umstead, go to the grocery store, organize closets, clean things and walk the dog are like gnats buzzing around the back of my mind.  They're not enough to get me out of bed, just wake me up.  I start reading.  I had a good book on my Kindle, the sort of science fiction I like where there's a mysterious alien race nobody can figure out.  My stomach finally got me out of bed, grumbling for pancakes but it settled for cereal.  Too lazy to cook.  

Then I settled in on the love seat with my book and Ian slept on the couch.  More laziness.  Jethro sleeps on my chest and Roscoe lays on the rug next to me.  The whole time, the idea that I need to somehow run 8 miles is bugging me, but I just don't feel like doing it.  I'm still in my pajamas at lunchtime.  Romaine and arugula salad with olives, Parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing.  Yogurt with blueberries and granola.  I sorted through some pictures on my computer, watching TV.  Tried to find some good enough to print and frame.  It's almost 4pm and I felt like I haven't gotten anything done all day.  I told Ian that I just don't really feel like running.  There was a nice sunbeam across the love seat now and the two cats are laying there, so I maneuvered next to them and read some more.

Oh, to be a cat in a sunbeam.
The idea that I really should run crosses my mind again.  I don't really feel like it, but I decide perhaps if I just get up, put on my running clothes and play some uptempo music I may change my mind.  It worked.  I put on the first clothes I saw and I was ready to run.  I put on my headphones and found the old phone armband that is falling apart.  Ian sees me and on a whim I ask if he wants to go.  He does, I think he's glad to see me up and ready to run.  He knows it makes me happy.  Roscoe wants to come, to.  So we all had a two mile run together.  We took it real easy with walk breaks and doggy business breaks.  It felt like fall outside, a little cool but perfect for running.  A scattering of leaves on the ground and the sun shining bright.

I knew soon after we started running that I had to get those 8 miles in today, it was too perfect.  So after bringing the boys back to the house, I went back out for the next 6 miles, listening to my music.  I felt great, my legs were not tired, I was smiling at everyone I saw like I was some kind of advertisement for running.  See, look how much fun I'm having.  I was even smiling at people in cars, whom I usually treat like autonomous killing machines.  It's safer that way.

The whole run felt like that, except for maybe a hill in the middle.  Good to end this big training week well.  I ran 40 miles this week, the highest mileage I've run since March.  There were two good quality runs, including a 2x2 mile workout at half marathon goal pace on Wednesday at Umstead.  I felt great for that run and nailed the pace.  I also had a 14 mile long run yesterday averaging 8:43 min/mile, with the last 3 miles on my own.  I'm feeling pretty good about being ready for the Richmond Half Marathon in four weeks, I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing and not overdo it.  I'm going for a 1:39:59, which is a 7:38 minute/mile pace and would be over a minute faster than my PR.  The coming week will be a cutback week, I'll run 32-35 miles and do a long run of 9-10 miles.  The next week will be the longest at 44 weekly miles and a 15 mile long run.  Then it's taper time.

Time to make dinner.  Curried Quinoa and Chickpea Stuffed Peppers, trying this recipe out with modifications to use up some leftover rice and quinoa.


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