Boston Marathon Bomber Missed the Point

Well,  I'm not all that sure what to say or how to say it.  I had all these thoughts running though my head and they keep disappearing.

I think whoever did this, they completely missed the point of racing, running, spectating and Boston and that's really sad.  Watching a video of the aftermath, I noticed the time- 4:10.  That's the same time I have pinned on my cubicle wall; the next marathon goal.  I thought it could have been my fiance, who has been cheering from the sidelines at every single race I've run.

I ran alone tonight which is rare for me now.  I did it on my old route to Lake Johnson and back, as if I'm saying goodbye to the route since we're moving on Sunday.  I was waiting for the cars on a busy street to thin out or stop so I could cross.  Crosswalks not at intersections are generally ignored by cars even though pedestrians have the right of way.  I realized that I wasn't angry about this wait, like as a cyclist I used to be angry at pretty much every car that got anywhere near me.  Turning into a runner has been the best thing for my anger issues.  Yeah, people that know me, if you haven't seen me angry be glad and believe me, I'm not always smiling.  Though, I probably smile the most when I'm running.

It's weird though, I'm not that angry about Boston.  I can't quite figure out why.  I feel like my sport was attacked, which saddens and confuses me more than anything else.  I just think the bomber(s) have completely missed the point.  Why are 26,000 people racing and 50,000 spectators there in Boston?  The idea that we can be better people.  It doesn't really matter why you race.  Maybe it's to have a faster time, or enjoy a 26.2 mile jog with your best friend, or raise money for charity.  You're trying to improve yourself, be a better person.  You stare down 26.2 miles and your own fears and conquer both.  Your friends, your family come out to support you because they love you and believe in you.  The fact that this was targeted at the spectators, the most selfless people there, is just disgusting.

Well, guess, what, bomber?  You fucked up.  You were wrong about how people would respond.  I've heard so many stories of people running to help, opening up their homes, giving blood.  We're not afraid.  I would bet any amount of money there will be more people who want to run Boston in 2014.  I want to run Boston one day.  Maybe when I'm 45 or 60 I can qualify.  Just keep running, right?


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