24 Hours of Booty training begins!

I got on my bike two weekends ago for the first time since July. I know this because Ian's bike computer still read 101 miles from 24 Hours of Booty. So, we wore ourselves out so bad we didn't get on our bikes for five months afterwards. Then we were foolish enough to sign up all over again.

That's right, I'm cycling 100 miles in 24 hours and I need to raise $400 again. This time I know exactly what I've got myself into, and I'm glad to be doing it again. It was almost the most rewarding I've ever done. Sorry, booty, Katrina disaster relief wins most rewarding thing.

This ride was not very eventful, which is how I prefer them. We did four loops around NC State Centennial campus. It is super hilly, about 1 mile uphill followed by one mile downhill. The good part is there isn't much traffic on a weekend so it was enjoyable. The next weekend we did five loops for a total of twelve miles.

Look forward to reading more posts about cycling and running in the next several months as I slowly build up my cycling mileage while still running and racing.


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